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11454 Reeder Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326


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It’s not unusual for drivers to let certain maintenance milestones come and go. Whether it’s a lack of funds or they simply don’t view it as important or urgent, drivers will oftentimes let things like oil changes or tire rotations go past the recommended mileage for service. While it is not recommended for any cars to push their limits between scheduled service appointments it is especially true when it comes to luxury cars such as BMW, known for precision and everything being held to a higher standard.

Why Service Matters

Designed specifically for each model, BMW-made service plans are there to help your vehicle get the work it needs when it needs it. Various appointments see things like the fluids, tires and each system inspected and checked for functionality and performance. Preventative maintenance is still the best way to make sure your car stays free of issues and sudden damages and no preventative maintenance is more comprehensive than the BMW maintenance plans.

Because of these high standards of service and maintenance, BMW drivers know the importance of quality mechanics that have the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done. The quality of the work done and the materials used also make a difference in the overall performance of your BMW.

The Highest Quality For Your Car

As the number one independent service center in the area, our specialists understand the needs and designs of each BMW we service. This allows us to perform comprehensive quality work for everything from routine service and maintenance to more serious services like brake repairs. From the time you call to schedule your appointment to the moment your car is back in your possession our friendly staff will make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Everything from ordering replacement parts to figuring out the best, most cost effective course of action for repairs will be handled with your best interest in mind.

At Louden Motorcars we believe in quality work done by experienced, honest mechanics and that is the approach we take with each and every BMW we see. Routine maintenance may not always seem like the most fun thing to do with your car but it’s important to keep the performance you expect from your BMW anything but routine, let Louden Motorcars keep it that way for you.


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