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“They don’t make them like they used to” is a phrase that may be able to describe the Mercedes Benz vehicles of old except for one thing: Mercedes is still making cars that lead the field in just about every way. Unparalleled comfort combined with performance that is as reliable as it is powerful has been a trademark of the manufacturer for the better part of a century. While superior engineering and design make a huge difference in your car it’s the quality of maintenance and service it receives that will ultimately determine the lifespan (and your enjoyment) of your vehicle.

Don’t Ignore The Little Things

It can be easy to put off that next oil change or say “next time” when your mechanic recommends a tire rotation but those things add up. Routine service and maintenance is designed to make sure that those little issues don’t become larger, more expensive problems. This is simply not an option to Mercedes drivers that know the importance of preserving the capabilities and value of their car for years and that is way most Mercedes you see are always impeccably maintained.

It’s Called Recommended Service For A Reason

Every driver knows that their car needs services like routine oil changes and the occasional tire change but there is much more to maintenance than that. Following the recommended service plan for your vehicle will ensure that every aspect of your car is tended to. Often overlooked things like checking coolant and fluid levels along with the AC system and other internal components should receive the maintenance they need to continue functioning at a high level. Coupled with things such as brake repair that makes sure your car has working brakes, healthy brake pads and enough brake fluid and your car should be free of issues for the foreseeable future. However as it is with most things the quality of the work your car gets is dependent on the quality of mechanic and service center you use and for University Park, TX residents that service center is the experts at Louden Motorcars.

Proper Service Done Right

At Louden Motorcars we specialize in the maintenance and repair of European-made cars including the full line of Mercedes vehicles. Our comprehensive service will make sure that every part of your car is tended to, including the little details that may go overlooked by inexperienced mechanics, while also addressing the larger issues like brake repairs and engine maintenance.

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