11454 Reeder Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326
11454 Reeder Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326


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Not only do you have to worry about other drivers and cars along with unexpected hazards while you are driving, in some areas the weather conditions are enough to cause problems with your vehicle. In humid areas like Coppell, TX the sticky summers can cause extensive problems to your car if left unattended to.

Protecting Your Engine

Humid summers can drastically affect your car’s performance due to the warmer air holding more water and being more oxygen dense. It makes your engine pull more air to get oxygen to the engine and performance will begin to suffer as a result and it can also begin to impact the sensors throughout your vehicle as well. In addition to the weather conditions, your engine also relies on routine service and maintenance appointments to help keep repairs at a minimum and to give it the tune-ups it needs to stay free of performance issues.

Keeping Your Brakes Checked

Perhaps the second most important part of a Porsche’s performance is in the brakes. Responsive brakes that can stop on a dime are a must for a car that can go 0-60mph in under 3 seconds. You never know when you’ll need to stop suddenly and those sudden stops can wreak havoc on your brakes if you don’t have them checked every so often. Brake repair can consist of anything from replacement parts to new brake pads and more fluid and should never be ignored. Any issues with just one component of the brake system can lead to a dangerous situation on the road for you and for other drivers.

The Do It All Service Center

For Porsche drivers looking for mechanics that they can trust with their engine, brakes and all of their maintenance needs Louden Motorcars make it easy to get what you want. Our friendly staff of experienced specialists has made us the preferred maintenance destination for drivers throughout Coppell, TX and the choice independent Porsche service center. Whether it’s been affected by humidity, your handling is loose or even just something that feels off, our staff will make sure to work with you until the job is done and you are satisfied.

For a full list of services available for your Porsche or to schedule a maintenance appointment please call us today.


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