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11454 Reeder Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326


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No car has built as solid a reputation among drivers of all ages and styles quite like Porsche has. For decades they have epitomized what it means to own a luxury car and what an improvement in comfort, performance and sheer power they are over other vehicles. A Porsche is a perfect example of the balance in how a car looks and how it feels adding up to equal a unique driving experience each time you start the car.

Why Your Porsche Demands Quality Service

It should come as no surprise but service matters. Whether it’s removing dents and dings that can cause aerodynamics to change that affect how your car feels or tune-ups under the hood that restore the tight handling that you are used to. One staple of a Porsche’s performance is in the way you feel the road as you take each turn and feel each bump and it’s easy to notice when that doesn’t feel right. While drivers may delay in getting small issues fixed it is those that ultimately lead to the catastrophic larger problems under the hood and elsewhere. That is why a quality mechanic and service center is practically required when owning a Porsche.

That’s Where We Come In

For years the expert mechanics at Louden Motorcars have helped drivers restore their Porsche’s performance to where it should be. Our friendly staff specializes in the service and repair of Porsche and other European vehicles so we know what your car needs and when it needs it. Preventative maintenance goes a long way towards constantly keeping your car’s performance at a superior level and at Louden Motorcars there is no maintenance too small to take care of. Everything from a tune-up and alignment to oil and fluid changes will be handled with quality and care in everything from our staff to the materials and tools that we use.

Traditional But Effective

Our approach to auto maintenance is a no-frills, hands-on approach that ensures your car receives the care it needs with nothing overlooked or misdiagnosed. Customer service is our top priority so we will always work with you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your Porsche’s look and feel or our job simply isn’t finished. This attitude and emphasis on customer service has made Louden Motorcars the preferred Porsche service and repair center throughout Irving, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need brake repairs like replacement brake pads or more fluid or your Porsche’s handling feels slightly off, our specialists are here to help. Simply call us today to schedule an appointment for service for your vehicle.


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