11454 Reeder Road, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326
11454 Reeder Road, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326

Expert Check Engine Light Diagnostics for German Vehicles in Dallas, TX


Call today for an appointment: 972-241-6326

No matter what kind of car you drive, nothing will disrupt your drive like seeing the check engine light come on your dashboard. With dozens of potential causes, it’s important to have your car inspected and diagnosed quickly before issues have a chance to develop into something more severe. When you own a German car, making sure your mechanic has the right tools for the job is even more important to preserving the high-quality features you count on your car for. At Louden Motorcars our ASE certified mechanics help drivers all throughout the Dallas area with fast, comprehensive check engine light diagnostics for the most popular German brands.

Common Check Engine Light Causes Include

  • Bad Oxygen Sensor (O2 Sensor)
  • Failing Catalytic Converter
  • Broken or Loose Gas Cap
  • Bad Spark Plugs
  • Bad Spark Plug Wires
  • Failing Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF Sensor)

At Louden Motorcars we understand that there are endless potential causes for your check engine light to stay on and we’re committed to getting any issues diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible. Our shop always uses the latest factory-grade tools & diagnostic equipment to ensure high-quality & lasting service you can trust.

Brands We Service

Each German make & model has unique service requirements and when it comes to the check engine light, they have different issues & causes that can keep them on. Our ASE certified technicians have decades of experience diagnosing and repairing check engine light issues for all models of:

We’re committed to always working with you and giving you an accurate, honest assessment of what the problem may be. That way you can make the most informed decision possible no matter how big or small the issue is.

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Since 1977 the team at Louden Motorcars has remained committed to helping German auto owners all throughout Dallas and surrounding areas including:

If your check engine light is on don’t put off service any longer. Call or visit our shop today and let our expert staff help you get your car diagnosed and repaired quickly so you can spend more time out on the road with a car you can trust.


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