11454 Reeder Road, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326
11454 Reeder Road, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326

Specialized German Auto Clutch Repair for Dallas Area Drivers


Call today for an appointment: 972-241-6326

German cars are known for their smooth performance and exceptional interior comforts and amenities. Drivers know that in a German car, they should expect a smooth drive no matter where they’re going or what roads they’ll be driving on. A big part of keeping your drive smooth and you comfortable, is making sure that your car’s clutch is in proper working condition and issue-free. As the miles on your car add up, the components that make up your clutch will continue to wear down and need to be serviced regularly. At Louden Motorcars, we help German auto owners all throughout the Dallas area take better care of their vehicles with complete clutch maintenance & repair programs.

Signs of a Slipping Clutch

With how often you drive you will often notice even the slightest differences in your car’s performance. Some signs that your issues may be related to a slipping clutch include:

  • Squeaking or unusual grumbling
  • Difficulties shifting gears
  • Clutch pedal sticks or feels spongey when pressed
  • Engine revs but poor acceleration
  • Burning smells

It’s highly unlikely that your clutch will suddenly fail without any previous warning signs so recognizing any issues early is key to getting your car the best service possible. That’s where the expert technicians at Louden Motorcars come in.

Your German Auto Experts

We always keep our shop fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available. This allows our team of ASE certified mechanics to provide complete clutch services & repairs for all models of:

Accuracy is everything when it comes to your car and our team is committed to working with you and ensuring the highest quality services with every visit.

Call or Visit Our Shop Today

For years the team at Louden Motorcars has proudly helped German auto owners throughout Dallas and surrounding areas including:

If you think you may have a slipping clutch or would like to schedule routine maintenance, call or visit our shop today.


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