11454 Reeder Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326
11454 Reeder Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 972-241-6326

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40 Years of Personalized Service for German Automobiles

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BMW owners expect the best from their vehicle so they usually opt to let the mechanics at a service center like ours handle all service requirements. This way they can rest assured that their car is being properly tended to. Our mechanics are certified and have years of experience working with BMW models. We are able to do all the necessary service items to help our customers follow their BMW’s care plan as closely as they should.

BMW’s are reliant on the service they receive to continue performing at the high level they are known for. For those drivers looking for high quality service, Louden Motorcars provides an answer. Experienced and knowledgeable certified technicians will make sure your visit receives our personal touch.

What We Do

At Louden Motorcars we provide BMW drivers throughout Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas with service they can trust. We know the ins and outs of each vehicle’s custom care plan and what each mileage specific maintenance your car requires. This high level of service and attention to detail also extends to any repairs or brake repairs your car may need. Our BMW specialists take advantage of our access to manufacturer quality parts and service information to keep your BMW in top operating form. The experts at Louden Motorcars can provide your BMW with:

• Oil/fluid changes performed with manufacturer recommended lubricants
• Tire replacement
• 4 wheel alignment
• Brake repairs/brake pad changes
• Transmission repair and service
• Cosmetic damage repairs and repairs under the hood

While these are just a few available services, please call Louden Motorcars for the full list of services or to speak with one of our specialists to schedule an appointment for your BMW today.

BMW Service received 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 12 reviews on Yelp.


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11454 Reeder Rd, Dallas, TX 75229

Call today for an appointment: 972-241-6326

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