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    Importance of Maintaining the Dual Mass Flywheel in Your Car

    Posted on June 27, 2018 | By wpcars

    Your car consists of hundreds of parts and pieces that all work together in order to provide the smoothest, most consistent driving experience possible. Some parts serve protective functions that allow your engine to last as long as projected. One such part is the dual mass flywheel. In this article, we’ll talk more about what the dual mass flywheel does, how to recognize when it’s degrading, and what you can do to ensure your vehicle’s reliability.

    What does the dual mass flywheel (DMF) do for your car?

    The dual mass flywheel (DMF) is usually included in vehicles that rely on a manual transmission or gearbox. Found toward the end of the crankshaft, it has protective qualities that keep other parts intact and shielded from engine vibration. The part is named “dual” mass flywheel because it includes two separate flywheels that are autonomous of one another; one connects to the engine, the other to the gearbox input shaft. in the middle of these two pieces rests coils that are designed to absorb some of the harsh engine vibration so that the gearbox can function more efficiently over time and not become damaged.

    If the DMF fails itself, then you’ll run into some serious performance issues with your car, and even significant damages. It’s critical to maintain this part to ensure the quality, reliability, and longevity of your vehicle.

    What contributes to DMF problems?

    So, what causes problems with the dual mass flywheel? It’s helpful to know about what can create such issues, as then you may be able to more proactively prevent them. Since this part usually doesn’t fail on its own, the driver’s unique habits and conditions can significantly contribute to its premature wear and failure.

    Driving habits

    Manual transmissions aren’t easy to master; they require a lot of consistent coordination and attention while driving. If driver’s aren’t careful, they can put a lot of stress on the DMF by not downshifting at the appropriate times, letting the car remain in high gears for extended periods of time. For this reason, many drivers are drawn toward automatic transmissions.

    Driving conditions

    Another way to cause damage to the DMF, along with improper gear shifting methods, is to frequently drive in high traffic or city commute conditions. The constant stopping and going involved in these particular driving conditions not only causes the driver to be more vigilant of proper shifting, but it adds extra strain to your engine.

    Warning signs of DMF failure

    If you own a manual transmission car, a car with a high torque, or a diesel engine, then it’s important that you remain aware of the warning signs of dual mass flywheel failure. Hopefully you never encounter this issue yourself; but if you do, here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

    • Intense vibration
    • Odd noises
    • Clutch slippage

    These warning signs are concerning for any driver, and should be followed up with immediately. It’s important not to let such troubling symptoms go unaddressed, as the longer the problem persists the more damage your gearbox will sustain, which will ultimately render your car inoperable.

    What you can do to address this issue in your car

    Keeping a car in optimal running condition requires a few things on the part of the driver, especially if your car is susceptible to DMF issues. Properly maintaining the DMF means that you’ll need to collaborate with automotive experts over time, but also adjust your own habits and behaviors while driving to extend the life of the part. Here are a few suggestions that will help you maintain the DMF and prevent failure or transmission damage:

    • Adjust your driving habits to better prevent DMF failure
    • Hire a specialist
    • Conduct a thorough differential diagnosis
    • Use high-quality parts for replacing the DMF

    Adhering to these guidelines can help you keep your car in reliable condition over time, and it will significantly extend the longevity of various parts, including the dual mass flywheel.

    How we can help you

    Car Dual Wheel At Louden Motor Cars, we are familiar with the common issues drivers experience with the dual mass flywheel part. In Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX, there is a high volume of diesel engine and manual transmission cars, which increases the need for automotive experts to be aware of DMF issues, including how to properly diagnose and treat them. As experts in German autos for over 4 decades, our clients recognize our high level of skill, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. If you’d like to learn more about your car’s susceptibility to DMF failure, or would like to schedule a diagnostic appointment with us, please call us right away.


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