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    Reasons for Door Lock Failure in Your BMW

    Posted on August 10, 2018 | By wpcars

    There are several things that every car has, whether it is worth $500 or $50,000. These basic necessities include tires, brakes, windows, and door locks. That is one reason why it can be so frustrating when these simple things break down on your big-budget vehicle. What causes your car door locks to fail? What do you do when you can no longer count on your doors locking to keep others out of your BMW and unlocking to allow you to get into it?

    Faulty or Malfunctioning Key Fob

    Modern cars do not use keys, they use key fobs. This technology helps ensure that locks cannot be picked or that your car can be started without the unique computer code. It is an incredible advancement in lock and ignition technology for automobiles. When the door locks stop working in your BMW, it is natural to panic and start thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Sometimes though, the problem is not with your BMW at all. It is merely a dead or malfunctioning battery in your key fob. Before panicking, check to be sure the battery in your key fob is working correctly.

    Blown Fuses

    Your BMW’s lock system is mostly an electric-based system. This means that when your car’s electrical system has problems, your door locks may be affected. If your key fob battery is operational, the second place to check is your BMW’s fuse box. Fuses can be a little trickier to install than key fob batteries, so it is always best to check with a certified BMW technician before trying this out yourself. Replacing your blown fuse, should restore power to the locks and get you back to enjoying your driving experience again.

    Failing Wiring

    If the key fob and fuses are working, the next culprit is the wiring in your BMW’s electrical system. Wiring is not something that we often think of as wearing out, but through repeated use, it actually can burn out and become faulty. Often with wiring issues, you will notice fluctuations in power that will result in door locks working sometimes but not others, similar to low (but not quite dead) key fob batteries. Replacing the wiring does not require taking apart your entire vehicle, as there are usually separate electrical systems for different parts of your car, but it will involve taking your door apart and getting to the battery. You will definitely need a certified BMW technician to take care of wiring issues in your vehicle.

    Faulty Door Lock Actuator

    A final common cause of door lock failure is when the door lock actuators malfunction. These actuators are the electronic mechanisms that physically engage the door locks when the lock button is pressed. These do not usually deteriorate quickly, but excessive use will wear them out over time, and the door locks are one of the most used functions of your BMW. How will you know if your door lock actuator is going bad? You may hear odd noises that appear to come from the locks when the button is engaged, or you may notice strange behavior from the door locks. They may spontaneously lock and unlock without anyone touching the buttons.

    If you notice any problems with your door lock actuators, or any other parts of your BMW’s electrical systems be sure to get them checked out by BMW certified technician immediately. These repairs should not be attempted by an untrained person.

    Louden Motorcar Services meets all your BMW needs

    Louden Motorcar Services is the BMW F26 X4 #1 German auto repair shop in the Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX area. We have 40 years of personalized service for German automobiles. We knows how much you value your BMW and create auto care plans to make sure your auto maintenance is cared for by the best-trained professionals. These maintenance plans help to ensure that all of your car needs are taken care of before they become major issues that become costly repairs. Our service technicians get to know the specific nuances of your vehicle. If you find that you are having any problems with your BMW door lock, call Louden Motorcar Services today.

    * BMW F26 X4 image credit goes to: DarthArt.


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