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    Reasons for Oil Leaks That Commonly Occur in a Car

    Posted on April 14, 2018 | By wpcars

    Routine maintenance for your car is essential in order to experience the best performance levels, maintain its efficiency and reliability, and retain its value. Car maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle; in fact, if you stick to your routine schedule of services and maintenance set forth by the manufacturer, then keeping your car in good condition can simply become second nature. However, despite our best efforts to care for our vehicles, things can still go wrong.

    Oil leaks are one of the most commonly occurring issues in vehicles. They’re also typically one of the easiest to fix, depending on the origin of the leak. As a driver, it’s important to know what could potentially cause an oil leak, as the degree of severity will differ depending on what’s causing it. Regardless, if you spot an oil leak beneath your car or in your engine, it’s critical to take it to an automotive technician who specializes in your particular type of vehicle. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common causes of oil leaks as well as how to address them.

    Most Common Causes of Oil Leaks

    Oil leaks can be caused by any number of original issues in your car. Problem parts can develop more intense issues over time, eventually causing oil to leak, or the process can be less gradual and more immediate. Many components of your car and engine function to contain motor oil; when oil begins to leak, it’s helpful to know where to start looking.

    Worn-Out Engine Gasket

    Your car is equipped with many different types of gaskets. Gaskets generally are designed to seal in a fluid. In this case, an engine gasket’s job is to contain the engine oil within the system it flows through. Over time your engine can build up oil deposits, which can cause problems for the gasket, causing it to eventually leak. You’ll likely need to replace the gasket.

    Old or Dirty Oil Filter

    Just as your air filter in your car filters air through it to remove contaminants and debris, your oil also flows through a filter for the same purpose. The oil filter should be replaced relatively frequently in order to maintain the quality of your engine oil, but it also needs to be replaced in order to allow oil to flow adequately through the engine. When debris builds up in the filter, it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your engine oil, eventually causing a leak or other major engine-related problem.

    Engine Oil Cap

    Getting your oil changed usually doesn’t take too long, and isn’t a terribly difficult process. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that many automotive technicians fly through the process too quickly, leaving loose or ill-fitting parts in the wake of their path, which can certainly lead to oil leaks. If they forget to tighten the oil cap before sending you on your way, you might encounter messy oil loss.

    Drain Plug

    Just as technicians can replace oil caps improperly, the same goes for the drain plug—except, due to gravity, you’re more likely to lose oil through the drain plug than the oil cap. Either way, it’s important to be sure that you choose an automotive technician who does thorough, consistent, and efficient work.

    Punctured Oil Pan

    Your oil pan sits beneath your car, making it vulnerable to puncture wounds and damage from road debris—especially in cars that are lower to the ground. Depending on the degree of damage your oil pan sustains, it can lead to an oil leak. A punctured oil pan will likely need to be replaced.

    How to Address an Oil Leak

    Car Oil on Road Oil leaks alone are harmful to your engine and should be addressed quickly, and whatever is causing the oil leak could be detrimental to your engine performance. The expert automotive techs here at Louden Motorcar Services Inc. have helped a diverse clientele from the areas of Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX, address oil leaks in their luxury German-engineered vehicles. Specializing in German autos, we have over 40 years of experience under our belts and are confident in our work. As a dealership alternative, we offer a heightened level of skill and service for only a portion of the price. For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment to inspect an oil leak, please contact one of our helpful staff members today.


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