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    Reasons of BMW 3-Series Ball Joint Failure

    Posted on March 14, 2018 | By wpcars

    Keeping A Smooth Suspension

    The BMW 3-Series has become synonymous with high-end performance including quick acceleration, tight responsive steering and a smooth suspension that allows you to navigate any type of road with comfort. One important part of your suspension is the ball joint and while it’s no bigger than your fist it can cause tremendous problems to your BMW if it wears out or breaks. While durable it is important to closely monitor the condition of your 3-Series’ ball joint and to take the necessary preventative maintenance methods to repair and replace your ball joint before it’s too late. These are just a few common reasons why your BMW 3-Series ball joint may fail and some signs to look for that can indicate that there are issues developing.

    Grease Failure

    While it may not be an eye-catching problem or dramatic issue the truth is that wear and tear is the number one cause of ball joint failure in your BMW 3-Series. The metal ball joint is housed in a metal cage that has a rubber boot over it with grease inside it to help reduce wear. If that grease begins to fill with dirt and debris the ball joint won’t rotate and problems will begin to emerge while you are driving. As the grease disappears then the various components of the ball joints will suffer wear and tear.

    Broken Seal Dries Joints Out

    If the seal is cracked in your vehicle then oil will escape along with dirt and debris entering the oil. This mixture of oil and debris will negatively impact the ball joints and that can lead to diminishing performance or failing parts.

    Normal Wear and Tear

    Since ball joints are made of steel they often deteriorate as a result of moisture in the environment. Street and weather conditions can accelerate the loss of grease/drying out without any special circumstances. This means following your 3-Series’ maintenance schedule is important to help prevent this wear and tear from leading to sudden failure and to ensure that your ball joints and other vital components are properly taken care of.

    Signs That Ball Joint Is Failing

    Fortunately instances of sudden ball joint failure is few and far between and usually don’t occur without warning signs. Look for these signs that can indicate your ball joint is in need of maintenance or service to help prevent extensive damages.

    Front End Clunking Noise

    The most common sign of problems with the ball joints is heavy clunking noises coming from your car’s front end. As the ball joint wears out it loosens up in its’ socket and will rattle and knock around. You may notice this clunking sound while on bumpy roads, speed bumps or even when just turning. It’ll get louder as the wear gets worse and worse and eventually if left unattended the ball joint will completely break.

    Front End Vibrations

    Worn out ball joints are loose in their sockets and will vibrate endlessly while your car is in motion. Whether coming from the left or right side of your car this worn out ball joint often causes the vibrations. You may even start to feel the vibrations in your steering while driving as well.

    Wandering Steering

    If your vehicle is beginning to drift from left to right with wandering steering then it may be the ball joints. When the ball joints are in good condition your steering wheel will stay mostly straight provided that the alignment is also good but worn out ball joints will make it harder for the steering wheel to stay straight and can begin to drift side to side.

    BMW 3 Series

    Preserving Your 3-Series The Right Way

    Everything from diagnosing a worn ball joint to repairing it properly can become a costly endeavor that can ruin your performance if not handled by trained professionals. In Dallas, TX the expert BMW mechanics at Louden Motorcars are BOSCH certified and provide drivers with years of experience in service and repairs. If you are noticing the signs of a worn out ball joint or your BMW 3-Series is beginning to experience other performance issues please call us today. Our experts will make sure that your car gets dealership quality service for everything from routine maintenance to larger repairs with all of our work guaranteed. Your satisfaction is our top priority so please call us today to help preserve that unbelievable BMW performance that you expect.

    * BMW 3-series image credit goes to: Stratol.

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