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    What Causes Delayed Gear Shifting in Your Car?

    Posted on October 31, 2018 | By wpcars

    You are driving your vehicle down the road and notice that there is a delayed gear shifting as you accelerate. You become concerned and know there is a problem that might worsen. Of course, you are likely wondering why the delayed shifting is occurring to begin with. If there is a delay when you are putting the vehicle in reverse, it could be because of a problem with the valve body in the transmission. Alternatively, computer problems like a faulty shift solenoid can lead to a lag when gears are shifting. Below are some things to watch out for if you notice your car is shifting oddly.

    Shifting Problems With An Automatic Transmission

    An automatic transmission is a complex mechanical system. The transmission controls the vehicle’s application of power from its engine to the driveshaft. The transmission gets more wear and tear than most other vehicle parts because of the friction and heat produced by the numerous components that move and interact. There are several reasons there could be delayed shifting of gears in your car. Some of those include:

    • Bad torque converter
    • Overheating transmission
    • Clogged gear filter
    • Dirty gear oil
    • Valve body problems
    • Defective solenoid
    • Burnt clutch disc
    • Worn gears
    • TCM transmission control module has an electronic fault

    Many transmissions have a dipstick to allow you to check the transmission fluid level. When you check the fluid level, you should also notice the color of the transmission fluid and check for a burnt smell. Transmission fluid should be checked at least twice each year. Low transmission fluid can cause a delay in shifting and could cause damage to the transmission, leading to expensive repairs.

    A Leaking Transmission

    Sometimes a low level of transmission fluid is because the transmission is leaking. Because of the nature of the closed system of the transmission, it is not very difficult to check for leaks. Your car has red transmission fluid, unless a non-dyed fluid has been used. There are a few places you might want to check for leaks:

    • Between the engine and transmission.
    • At the base of the filler tube.
    • Underneath the transmission at the drain hole.
    • At the selector shaft, which is the rod that connects your gear shift to the transmission.
    • At the mounting point for the speed sensor, either by the cable screwing into the transmission housing or at an electronic sensor that has been bolted to the housing.

    If your car has a transmission cooler, there is the possibility that the leak will cause transmission fluid to lead into your vehicle’s radiator fluid. These two fluids don’t mix well, so you will see it floating around in your radiator.

    Other Transmission Issues

    There are several other problems that your transmission might experience. Here are some of those issues:


    As one of the worst things your transmission could experience, overheating should be prevented. When a transmission overheats, it can cause parts of the transmission to malfunction and reduce its overall lifespan. You should periodically change the transmission fluid, since it is the transmission’s lifeblood. There wouldn’t be an automatic transmission without the fluid because their functions operate together. To see if your transmission is getting too hot, check the fluid to see if it is burnt, low, or dirty. Any of those issues with the fluid could be a sign of a transmission overheating. If you find issues, change the fluid right away.


    If you step on your car’s gas but find the engine revving and the car not accelerating, then your transmission is slipping. This slipping could be caused by many things, including burnt clutch discs, bad solenoids, inefficient fluid, and worn gears. When you notice slipping, stop driving the vehicle because it could cause rapid clutch wear.

    Torque converter

    There are four different problems that can arise in the torque converter.

    1. One of these issues is damaged needle bearings. Needle bearings separate the turbine, impeller, stator, and converter housing. If they get worn or damaged, the transmission will make strange noises when in operation because of the metal to metal contact.

    2. Damaged seals in the torque converter will let fluid leak from the converter and cause shifting problems, overheating, and slippage.

    3. Damaged clutches in the torque converter will result from the clutch getting jammed after locking up because of distortion or high temperatures from overheating.

    4. The clutch solenoid in the torque converter is an electronic component that controls how much fluid passes on to the clutch in the torque converter. When it malfunctions, too little or too much fluid is released and abnormal fluid pressures result. This causes poor fuel economy and stalling.

    Transmission Control Module

    Voltage overload from a short in the actuator circuit or solenoid, vibration or thermal stress, or water causes the circuits to short out. This module impacts the functioning of several components on your vehicle, from the transmission to the charging system. When the transmission control module goes bad, the engine will stall and suffer functionality issues. This is a problem that requires immediate attention.

    Fixing Delayed Shifting Of Gears in Your Car

    Mechanic Fixed Delayed Gear Shifting Issue If your car is experiencing a delayed shifting of gears, you should have the problem addressed promptly. Transmission issues are safety issues, and if you leave them unattended, these problems can worsen and lead to more expensive repairs. For your transmission needs, call our skilled service technicians at Louden Motorcar Services, Inc., serving Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX.


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