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  • MINI Front Wheel Bearing

    When to Replace the Front Wheel Bearing in Mini

    Posted on August 25, 2018 | By wpcars

    When it comes to smooth handling, optimal performance, and stealthy maneuverability, Mini Coopers set the standard. With responsive steering and quick-functioning breaks, the Mini mixes style and performance with class. Since the Minis are accustomed to quick stops and sharp curves, it’s to be expected that they’ll experience sensitivity to wear and tear. This often occurs with the car’s wheel bearings.

    Cooper owners understand how important routine maintenance is to keeping the quality of their car pristine. This is especially important when it comes to matters dealing with the wheels. If you are thinking about purchasing a Mini, or if you already own one, it’s important to understand how the wheel bearing impacts the overall health of your car.

    What is a Wheel Bearing?

    Since Minis are known for quick movements, they need wheels that promote a friction-free drive. Wheel bearings control friction levels and help make for a smooth ride. Two steel balls are connected through a ring. This part is located in the hub in the center of the wheel. This is firmly pressed into the hub from the rear end of the tire. Many who’ve experienced having to change a tire should be familiar with this part as it also holds the lug bolts that hold the tire onto the frame of the car.

    In order for your Mini to hug the road properly, it needs to have fully functioning wheel bearings. This creates a healthy spinning motion with minimal friction. All of the given parts of the tire must work together to create a smooth ride. From a safety perspective, faulty wheels can result in possible danger on the road. This is why keeping a sharp eye on the performance of your car is important.

    When to Replace The Wheel Bearing

    There are obvious signs that signify a needed change in the wheel bearing. Since Mini Coopers are so compact, the signs may appear quickly when compared to other vehicles. One of the first signs that a wheel bearing replacement may be needed is a strange noise that comes from your tires. This sound may begin quietly but eventually increase if not taken care of. This may sound like flapping cards or continuous ticks. This noise may increase as your car swerves from side to side. Where the sound is coming from will signal which tire the damage is on.

    Since your steering wheel communicates directly with your tires, it’s no wonder this will be affected with faulty wheel bearings. Therefore, excessive shaking when the car is in motion could be a warning sign of needed maintenance. In addition, a locked or jammed wheel bearing makes driving forward a challenge. Your car may feel weighted or stalled.

    Why This is Important

    If performance is your reason for buying a Mini, it is important to keep your wheel bearings healthy and maintained. This enables your tires to spin without complication and ensures proper handling. Not to mention, wheel bearings help with keeping your wheels attached. It is a safety precaution to keep the wheel bearings maintained so that you aren’t experiencing a shaky drive or potentially placing yourself in a dangerous situation.

    Imagine being in a dire situation where your wheels suddenly pop off or disable your ability to brake properly; you could injure yourself and others. This is why keeping a strict check on the health of your wheels is important.

    There are several ways to ensure that your wheel bearings are healthy. To begin, always schedule routine maintenance check-ups with trustworthy individuals. Another important factor is keeping your wheel bearings properly oiled and cleaned. This may help to alleviate signs of common wear and tear. If your mechanic suggests changing your wheel bearings, never hesitate to do so. Driving on worn or barely functioning wheel bearings is a huge safety hazard.

    How We Can Help

    Yellow Mini Cooper The German automotive specialists here at Louden Motorcar Services, Inc. love servicing German powerhouses like your beloved Mini. So much so that clients from all over Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX trust them with their vehicle needs. With over 40 years of personalized service, we have been ranked the top rated Mini service in Dallas, Texas. If you are experiencing symptoms of wheel bearing complications, or if you simply want a routine check-up, schedule your consultation today!

    * Yellow Mini Cooper image credit goes to: CasPhotography.


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