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    Factors that Lead to Differential Failure in Mercedes

    Posted on July 11, 2018 | By wpcars

    Mercedes are driven by a unique class of people who want the latest and best that technology and craftsmanship have to offer. Some of these advances have made it possible to extend the time between your routine maintenance checkups. Oil changes, for example, used to be required maintenance every 3000 miles. Now they can be spread anywhere from 5000 to 7500 miles. Mercedes announced that their newer models have a lifetime fluid inside the differential. That has led some Mercedes owners to believe that there will never be a need to change their oil.

    What Does Your Differential System Do?

    The unique differential kept inside your Mercedes transfers power from the engine to the wheels. At the same time, it allows the wheels to spin at different speeds, which helps when you make turns. During these moments, the differential gears turn at 5000 rpm (rotations per minute) and will strain against your car’s full weight when active.

    Sometimes during these events, tiny metal shavings come off the gears and flow into the system as part of the differential fluid. Unlike your transmission, the differential system does not have a filter to keep the fluid clean and particles in the differential fluid will slowly cause internal damage to the system. Also, the vast amount of heat generated by even normal driving conditions will ultimately cause these lubrication elements of the differential fluid to evaporate. Due to these concerns, many trained mechanics recommend that you have your differential fluid changed every 30,000 miles.

    Signs your Differential System Needs to be Serviced

    Your differential system will have to be serviced, whether you have lifetime differential or not. Even our best technology cannot remove the effects of age and constant wear on your vehicle. What are some of the warning signs that it is time to get your differential changed out? You may notice loud noises whenever you switch lanes or are turning a corner.

    Sometimes when the service engine light turns on in the car, it is indicating that the differential is having fluid trouble. Neglecting to attend to your differential may result in a very bumpy ride, which should never happen in a Mercedes. If left for too long the gears may break down. That would result in expensive repair work.

    Lifetime Differential Fluid

    Having lifetime fluid in your differential is not a “get out of oil changes free” card. It merely adds to the extended time that your Mercedes will need between fluid changes. If, for instance, your car usually could go 30,000 miles without a fluid change, having lifetime fluid may extend that to 60,000 miles. The best way to find out how long your car can go without a change in its differential system is to take a look at the manufacturer’s guide or owner’s manual that came with the car.

    While the Mercedes is a fantastic car; it is still a manufactured product. It requires proper attention and maintenance, even if it has lifetime differential fluid. Older Mercedes models may not have lifetime differential fluid, but when you get a fluid change, you can decide whether or not to use the lifetime differential fluid instead of more standard brands. Remember, this type of fluid may be a little bit more expensive than the regular brand. However, this lifetime fluid will mean that the periods between fluid changes can be extended out thousands of miles.

    Come to Louden Motorcar Services for all your Mercedes Needs

    White Mercedes-Benz G-Class Louden Motorcar Services was voted #1 German auto repair shop three times in a row in the Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX area. We have four decades of personalized service for German automobiles. Louden Motorcar Services knows how much you value your Mercedes and they will work to create custom auto care plans just for your car.

    These plans service to make sure your auto maintenance is cared for by the best-trained professionals at the times you need them, and help to ensure that all your Mercedes needs, not just your differential systems, are handled before they become major issues that could grow into costly repairs. If you find that you are having any problems with your Mercedes, call Louden Motorcar Services today.

    * White Mercedes-Benz G-Class image credit goes to: Snap2Art_RF.


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