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  • Porsche Ignition Lock Issue

    Detecting Ignition Lock Failure in Your Porsche

    Posted on September 10, 2018 | By wpcars

    Among car enthusiasts, Porsche is one of the most famous names, for this brand is synonymous with superiority, excellence, and of course, high-quality. Since its inception, the German-based automaker has produced cars catering to the interests of sports enthusiasts seeking a high-performance vehicle with quality engineering and an attractive appearance. However, even Porsches can encounter a problem occasionally. One of the components that can fail in Porsche cars is the ignition lock assembly.

    Typically, the ignition lock assembly is located on the right side of your steering wheel, where you insert the key to begin the ignition process. This component is made up of several parts that will wear out in time. Occasionally the ignition lock component can fail before your recommended service time is scheduled for the lock assembly. If this begins to fail, starting your Porsche can become a frustrating challenge. What is the significance of the ignition lock to your Porsche, what kind of symptoms signal failure in it, and how can you fix it?

    The ignition lock assembly and its importance to your Porsche

    The newer Porsche vehicles have implemented alternate technology for the ignition process. However, many Porsche models still have a turn-key ignition process. Comprised of different notches that allow you to turn your key to specific degrees, the ignition cylinder is vital to your ability to start and ultimately drive your Porsche.

    For example, one click clockwise unlocks the steering wheel and engages various electronic components in your car. Turning the key two clicks engages the next level up of electronic features, like the power windows. If you continue, the third click engages a few specific engine parts, getting them ready for ignition. The fourth click, which many people turn straight to, starts the engine. All of these levels of control could potentially be affected if your ignition lock assembly begins to fail.

    Signs that your ignition lock is failing

    The signs of ignition lock failure are very inconvenient especially if you rely on your Porsche as your main means of transportation. This means it is essential to keep to a schedule of regular maintenance to keep these frustrating problems from occurring. If you observe any of these odd behaviors in your car, you should get your car inspected immediately.

    Ignition issues

    One of the most frustrating symptoms of ignition lock failure in your Porsche is having problems starting the vehicle. A faulty ignition switch, cylinder, or overall assembly will create starting issues in your Porsche.

    Difficulty engaging the vehicle’s power

    Along with starting issues that you may experience, your Porsche will likely exhibit power issues. When turning the key in your Porsche, the different “clicks” represent different functions that your vehicle engages. If the ignition lock assembly has deteriorated, the car cannot register these changes.

    Problems getting your key into or out of the ignition

    A failing or faulty ignition lock assembly might make it tough getting the key into or out of the ignition. If you struggle to get the key in or out, that may indicate an ignition lock failure and should get it inspected immediately.

    What causes failure in ignition locks?

    The typical causes of ignition lock assembly failure and ignition lock failure are extreme or long-term wear. It is more typical for older vehicles with higher mileage to have ignition problems than a newer car. Thankfully, you can prevent some of these symptoms from getting worse or from occurring altogether by practicing continual care and undergoing regular maintenance procedures.

    How We Can Help

    For more than 40 years, the Porsche specialists at Louden Motorcar Service have serviced a wide variety of ignition problems in Porsches from all around Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX. We keep our technicians up to date on the latest innovations and technology to ensure we are always up to the task of taking care of your Porsche.

    Porsche Emblem If you have noticed the symptoms of failure in your Porsche ignition lock, please contact us immediately to schedule an inspection and service. Louden Motorcar Service is set apart by our dedication to our customers, and we’d be happy to take a look at your vehicle. Call or swing by today so we can diagnose the problem and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

    * Porsche Emblem image credit goes to: tomeng.


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