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    How to Repair the MAF Sensor in Porsche

    Posted on July 26, 2018 | By wpcars

    The illustrious Porsche is known for its performance, luxury, and reliability. Owners bask in its durability and overall fun drive. Since the Porsche is closely associated with being a superlative brand of class and sport, it’s unfortunate when intricate issues disrupt the overall vehicle appeal.

    One of those issues has to do with the mass air flow sensor, or MAF. This integral part of the engine has advanced since the 1980s. Now, technological advances have made detecting possible MAF complications easier than ever. If you’re experiencing problems with your MAF and want to test out your DIY skills, let’s consider a few helpful tips that will help you repair your own MAF sensor.

    What is the MAF Sensor?

    Located inside of the engine, the MAF controls how much air flow enters the engine and regulates the density of the cold air. The sensor picks up on the amount of air filtering through the sensor. The fuel injection system then fixes the air to adjust to colder climates or higher altitudes. In addition, the sensor controls the temperature of the influx of air. Basically, this sensor has a lot to do with regulating and filtrating the air within your engine, which in turn controls the rate and power of combustion.

    How to Detect Issues?

    Since the MAF is located within the engine, often times the first indicator of a possible sensor issue is the check engine light coming on. The reason this needs quick attention is that if there is a problem with the temperature regulation, this could result in overheating or engine performance disruption. Porsche owners understand how frustrating, and not to mention expensive, contemplating a possible engine replacement is. Therefore, if you see your engine light flashing, this is the vehicle’s computer telling you that something isn’t going right.

    How to Detect the Problem

    One way to evaluate the problem is to disconnect the sensor prior to driving. Although this sounds scary, this will get to the root of the problem. It is recommended to drive for about 30-minutes with this disconnected sensor to prevent any possible damage. Notice how your car is driving; are there vibrations? Strange noises? Fumes? If your Porsche is able to drive without major complications, or if your engine improves, you can rest easy knowing that the problem isn’t with the MAF.

    Other leaks within the engine could create faulty error signals. Cracked air intake systems can signal the sensor to flicker on and off. One way to detect this issue is to take a look at your hoses and clamps located within the engine. This will determine if there is a possible issues with your MAF sensor.

    How to Repair the Sensor

    If you are wanting to take a look at your sensor, you need to have a keen eye. Look in your engine compartment and you will find the MAF on the left side. Since the Porsche is built for sustainability, you have to have a unique tool to unscrew it. The Torx screw drivers are tamper-proof and able to handle this type of removal. Take apart both of the screws and unclamp the housing. This will allow you to clean and replace your sensor on your own. The primary types of sensor replacements are: traditional throttle cables and E-gas electronic throttles. The category in which your car falls under depends greatly on the year and model. Once this is determined, you are able to reinstall the sensor.

    In order to determine the effectiveness of this process, it is important that you reset your check engine light sensor. This can be performed using a specific code reader found in Porsche vehicles. You can also disconnect the battery between 20 and 50 seconds if the previous process doesn’t work. However, this isn’t highly recommended as it could create future damage. After completion, take your car for a spin and see if you experience any more issues.

    When DIY Doesn’t Work

    Porsche Cars in a Row Although do-it-yourself remedies are cost effective, it’s sometimes best to leave these repairs for the professionals. Our specialists at Louden Motor Care Services, Inc., have been providing superior auto servicing for over 40 years. We are so dedicated to providing excellent customer service, that we’ve earned the trust of clients in Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, Texas. If you suspect issues with your MAF sensor, don’t hesitate; schedule your appointment today!

    * Porsche 718 Cayman image credit goes to: DarthArt.

    * Porsche Cars in a Row image credit goes to: jetcityimage.


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