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    Main Symptoms of and Reasons for Ignition Lock Failure in a Porsche

    Posted on March 28, 2018 | By wpcars

    Porsches are special and unique vehicles; they’re designed with the common characteristics of a reliable vehicle without sacrificing the quality of performance or endurance. For most Porsche enthusiasts, taking care of your car becomes second-nature, which is why it can be especially concerning when you notice symptoms of malfunction or failure in various parts. One component that can wind up failing in various Porsche models is the ignition lock assembly.

    The ignition lock assembly is comprised of several parts that over time can wear out. If you own a classic Porsche model, then you might want to keep your eyes peeled for symptoms of ignition lock failure. However, many Porsche drivers seem to encounter ignition lock failure prematurely, before the recommended service interval is scheduled for the part. In this article, you’ll find more information on what the ignition lock does in your Porsche, how to detect symptoms of failure, and what to do next.

    What is an ignition lock assembly in your Porsche and what does it do?

    The ignition lock assembly is the area of your car, traditionally on the right side of the steering wheel, where you typically insert the key to begin the ignition process. As you might imagine, if this begins to fail, you could run into a difficult encounter trying to get your car started. This greatly detracts from your Porsche’s reliability. Although newer Porsche models implement different technology for the starting process, many Porsche vehicles still have a turn-key starting process. The ignition cylinder has different notches in it that allow turning the key to various degrees to perform certain functions. For instance, one click clockwise will unlock the steering wheel and engage the basic electrical components of your car. Two clicks will engage the other electrically-powered elements, such as power-windows. The third click will engage certain engine components, getting them ready for engine starting, and the fourth click will start the engine. Specific functions, or all of the functions, could be affected by a failing ignition lock assembly.

    Symptoms of ignition lock failure

    As we mentioned before, the symptoms of ignition lock failure can be quite inconvenient for Porsche drivers—especially if your Porsche is your primary mode of transportation. It’s important to stay on top of maintenance procedures to prevent issues from occurring. However, if you notice any of the following symptoms in your Porsche, it’s time for an immediate inspection.

    Difficulty engaging the vehicle’s power

    Along with difficulty utilizing the various functions that the ignition positions allow, you will likely experience difficulty enabling your car’s power. When you turn the key in your vehicle, the different “clicks” represent different functions that your vehicle engages. If the ignition lock assembly has deteriorated, the car cannot register this allowance.

    Starting issues

    Of course, along with difficulty receiving vehicle power, a faulty ignition switch, cylinder, or overall assembly will create starting issues in your Porsche.

    Difficulty getting the key in or out of the ignition

    A faulty, failing, or corroded ignition lock assembly might make it rough to get your key in and out of the ignition. If you’re struggling to get the key in or out, it is highly inconvenient and should be looked at right away.

    Common causes of ignition lock failure

    The most common causes of ignition lock failure or ignition lock assembly failure is excessive, ongoing wear. This is precisely why it’s more typical for older Porsche vehicles, or cars with higher mileage that have undergone extensive wear, to experience ignition problems. The good news is you can prevent symptoms from worsening or issues from occurring all together with ongoing care and routine maintenance procedures.

    How to prevent issues from occurring

    Unlocking Porsche The Porsche experts here at Louden Motorcar Service have seen a wide range of ignition issues in clients’ vehicles from all over the areas around Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX. With over 4 decades of experience and repair services, along with ongoing education in the field, we offer high-quality automotive services and expertise to our Porsche clients. If you’re experiencing the concerning signs of ignition lock failure in your Porsche, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule an inspection and go over your treatment options.


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