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    Issues That Indicate a Failing Clutch in Your BMW

    Posted on April 29, 2018 | By wpcars

    BMW cars are recognized as some of the most powerful, durable, and expensive vehicles on the market today. That means they’re not only expensive to purchase, but they’re expensive to lease, to maintain, and to repair. Therefore, it’s important to find an automotive specialist that is efficient, reputable, and affordable. Aside from the basic qualifications of a BMW automotive shop, the technicians there should have expertise in your specific vehicle, and should be able to recognize some of the more common issues they experience. For instance, many BMW drivers report problems with their clutch over time.

    A failing clutch in your BMW will exhibit specific symptoms that can be helpful in determining where the problem originated, and therefore can aid in finding a method of treatment and repair. A failing clutch, although common, is highly inconvenient and dangerous for drivers. When you begin to notice the following warning signs in your BMW, it’s critical to have it looked at by a specialist or an expert in German-engineered cars. In this article we’ll go over the main function of the clutch in your BMW, some common signs of failure to look out for, and what you can do to get your BMW back up and running again.

    What is the Main Function of the Clutch in Your BMW?

    Automotive mechanics can be difficult to explain, especially if the reader is not well versed in automotive jargon. Therefore, it’s best to explain the function of your clutch in basic terms so that you can have a foundational understanding of why it’s important. Your BMW’s clutch is responsible for isolating the engine during gear shifting so that the wheels are functioning independently of the engine and elicit smooth gear shifting.

    The Common Warnings of Clutch Failure

    The components that make up the clutch can run into a problem on their own, which significantly impacts the effectiveness of the clutch. The flywheel, clutch plate, or pressure plate are susceptible to wear and damage, therefore, it’s important to look for symptoms of failure in any one of these parts.

    Age, Wear, and Tear

    Normal wear and tear can cause your clutch to begin to fail. Clutch “burn out” is common, especially in high performance cars because drivers tend to over-use the clutch to “maximize” performance. This is problematic, as it’s an expensive problem to fix, and it is a misnomer to over extend the clutch for this purpose. Furthermore, basic aging of your car can cause the clutch to need servicing.

    Clutch Pedal Feel

    Another common sign that your clutch is failing is the overall feel of the clutch pedal when you engage it. If you notice that the clutch is sticking, especially loose or dense, or you experience intense vibration through the pedal, it’s time to have it checked out by a BMW professional.

    Odd Noises

    Your clutch should not make noise when you press it down, with the exception of a light air-like sound. If you begin to notice odd noises coming from the clutch pedal when you engage it, such as grinding or squeaking, this could be an indication that the clutch is on its way out.

    Gear Shifting Issues

    Since the transmission is highly involved in the gear-shifting process and linked to transmission function, it is common to experience gear-shifting problems when the clutch isn’t working properly. You might notice problems getting into the appropriate gear, or you might notice that the clutch slips and diminishes your car’s ability to accelerate temporarily.

    BMW 5 Series E61

    How We Can Help You

    Here at Louden Motorcar Services, Inc., serving Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX, we pride ourselves on our expertise in German automobiles. For over 40 years, we’ve provided specialized service and repair for clients in the area at an affordable rate that competes with other nearby shops. Dealerships have the reputation for ripping off drivers; we consciously provide honest, quality, affordable work for our clients so that they don’t feel trapped going to the dealership for excellent automotive care. If you’ve experienced any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your own BMW, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an inspection or diagnostic procedure. We are proud to be able to convey our integrity and expertise in just one appointment.

    * BMW 5 Series E61 image credit goes to: Cpt212.


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