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    Reasons for Thermostat Leaks in MINIs

    Posted on December 3, 2018 | By wpcars

    While Mini Coopers are known to be high-quality vehicles, they have been known to experience coolant leaks. Some of the older models of MINIs are known to experience radiator and thermostat housing leaks, but the most common problem with a coolant leak in a Mini Cooper is a faulty water pump. Cars with low miles have had water pumps to fail.

    If you notice anything unusual with your MINI, you should have it checked by a qualified mechanic experienced in dealing with coolant leaks on MINIs and who has extensive experience replacing a thermostat in a Mini Cooper.

    Symptoms of a MINI Coolant Leak

    There are several symptoms to warn you of a coolant leak in your MINI. If you notice any of these, be sure to take your car in for a thorough inspection at your automotive repair facility.

    ● When I park my car and walk past it, it smells of antifreeze.
    ● There is a blue liquid underneath the front of my car.
    ● A chemical-based odor spilling through the heater vents.
    ● The vehicle is overheating. Sometimes the temperature gauge will jump all the way into the red within 15 minutes of the car’s engine being started.
    ● Coolant leaking around the thermostat housing.
    ● Erratic changes in vehicle temperature, with spiking and dropping that eventually will cause poor engine performance.

    If you notice any of these problems, you might be tempted to continue driving your MINI until you have time to take it in to get checked. However, that is not a safe or a wise decision. Driving a car with a coolant leak can lead to further problems or damage. As soon as you suspect a coolant leak, take your car in for servicing.

    Causes for a Thermostat Leak in Your MINI

    Thermostats sometimes go bad or malfunction. There are several reasons for a thermostat leak in a Mini Cooper. If your MINI’s thermostat starts leaking, you might wonder what has caused the problem. Here are some potential causes for a thermostat leak:

    ● The thermostat housing has cracked.
    ● The thermostat could be stuck in the closed position.
    ● The thermostat has become stuck in the open position.

    If a failing thermostat is not replaced, it could cause more problems. If your vehicle overheats, it can damage your engine. If you drive with the engine too hot, you might end up having to replace the engine as it could blow the engine. Replacing a thermostat is much less expensive than replacing your car’s engine. Replacing your car’s engine could cost you thousands of dollars.

    How Does the Thermostat Work?

    The thermostat in your car regulates the coolant flowing through the engine. Because of this, it plays an important role in your car’s motor’s overall operation. If your thermostat is not functioning properly, you might hear it said that it is stuck open or it is stuck closed. When the car has been sitting for a while and the engine cools, the thermostat will close. After you start your car and the engine is running and attains a set temperature, it will signal a sensor inside the thermostat that will cause it to open. This allows your car’s coolant to flow to and from the car’s radiator, decreasing the engine’s temperature and recirculating the coolant through the engine again.

    This constant flow keeps your car’s engine at the right temperature. The thermostat must open and close at the right time to keep your car’s engine temperature optimal. If the thermostat gets stuck in the closed position, the coolant will not circulate through the engine and will cause it to become too hot. If the thermostat sticks open, there is constant flow of coolant, which results in the engine temperature not reaching its optimal level of heat, so the engine performance is affected.

    MINI Thermostat Replacement If you have any symptoms of a failing thermostat in your Mini Cooper, take it to a qualified auto repair facility for proper diagnosis. Call Louden Motorcar Services, Inc., convenient to Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Irving, and Coppell, TX, at (972) 241-6326 to schedule maintenance on your Mini Cooper today. We have provided high-quality service for German-engineered vehicles throughout the Dallas metro area for more than 40 years.


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